Educational Components in Our Program

Creative Curriculum

St. Luke Child Development Center uses “Creative Curriculum,” a nationally accepted curriculum which rests on a foundation of more than 75 years of scientific research on child development.  Creative Curriculum is based on five fundamental principles:  (1) Teacher-child interactions and relationships,  (2) Social-emotional competence,  (3) Constructive and purposeful play,  (4) Interacting with the environment, and  (5) Partnerships with families.

Creative Curriculum follows the Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines.

Learning Without Tears

This curriculum is designed to provide developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory tools and strategies for teaching students foundational writing skills which they will need for elementary school.

Infant Program (6 weeks-18 months)

In our Infant Program we offer both developmentally appropriate equipment and activities for each stage of growth to help build and advance each infant’s physical and emotional stages.

Toddler/2’s Program (18-36 months)

In our Toddler Program we offer more emphasis on language development, social skills and key developmental milestones.  Free play and cooperation with friends, table manners and toilet training are introduced.  Muscle/movement activities enhance speech, physical strength and balance and large/small motor development.

Pre-K Program (3-5 years)

In our Pre-K Program we use Creative Curriculum.  As described above, Creative Curriculum provides a nurturing, educational and developmentally appropriate framework for our classrooms.

We also provide opportunity for “cultural speakers” from the community, and we have a teacher on staff who teaches body movement and music classes.

Latchkey Program (elementary school age)

Our Latchkey Program for elementary school children provides care for children through age 12.

During the school year (September through May) we offer “occasional care.”  This drop-in care for our registered Latchkey families is for when schools are closed due to snow days, teacher conference days, and school breaks.

During the summer months, Latchkey children enjoy weeks at St. Luke filled with various activities such as cooking, art projects, games, and time to play outside and in the gym.  They also usually get in one or two walking field trips in the St. Luke neighborhood.

Resources for Parents

As a developmental center, St. Luke is able to excel in the provision of elements critical to the best care and learning environment for infants and children as they progress through each age and staff.  One of the resources that our staff uses, and which can be helpful to parents, is the “Milestone Moments,” provided by the Center for Disease Control (click on either button below):

Additional resources for parents: